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Strategic Planning Does Not Work

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…unless you have an execution plan.

I was at a picnic recently on a beautiful island in Georgian Bay and chatting with an employee of one of the world’s most prestigious, strategic planning and consulting organizations.  Here is what I heard… “We are full of MBA’s who know how to look at the future, see the big picture and create amazing strategic plans but they have no idea how to implement.  They don’t understand what it takes to make a plan happen – especially when it comes to resourcing.”

My friend, Mona Mitchell, and I have just released our new book 7 Elements of Strategy Execution. In it, we describe seven areas that need to be addressed when implementing a strategic plan.  Proper resourcing (the right team in the book) is one of them.

Here is the key to the problem: most organizations don’t realize that their strategic plan is actually a new, very large project or program and it needs to be dealt with as such.  The first question that any good project or program manager will ask at the front end of a project is “do we have enough resources to make this happen?”  Do we have enough people, the right people to ensure success?

Without addressing your resourcing right up front – the plan is not going to happen.

So, when the ‘suits’ come in to create a new plan – be sure they address the bigger question – how are we going to make this work?