PMI Palmetto Chapter


Keynote Speakers

Morning Keynote

Rick Morris
One of the greatest misconceptions in project management is that the project manager “owns” the project. However, what does the project manager own? The resources? The budget? The scope? The reality is that the project manager does not own these decisions, rather the project manager influences the decisions. John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Rick Morris will explore how to influence key areas of a project ethically and responsibly. How do you influence dates? How do you get the resources you deserve? How do you handle the typical conflict that dooms projects before they even start? How do you deal with methodology changes? How can you influence waterfall requests in an Agile world? Rick will review time tested techniques and reveal the art of ethical influence in a keynote presentation that you do not want to miss!





Rick A. Morris, PMP, is a certified Scrum Agile Master, Human Behavior Consultant, best-selling author, mentor, and evangelist for valuing people.  Rick is an accomplished project manager and public speaker. His appetite for knowledge and passion for the profession makes him an internationally sought-after speaker delivering keynote presentations for large conferences and PMI events around the world.  He holds the PMP (Project Management Professional), MPM (Masters of Project Management), Scrum Agile Master, sAFE, PMI-ACP, Six Sigma Green Belt, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, TQM, ATM-S, ITIL, ISO certifications, and is on the Presidents Advisory Council and an Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team.  Rick is the Owner of R2 Consulting, LLC and has worked for organizations such as GE, Xerox, and CA and has consulted to numerous clients in a wide variety of industries including financial services, entertainment, construction, non-profit, hospitality, pharmaceutical, retail, and manufacturing. Rick has over 100 implementations of Project and Portfolio Management and Agile systems including Clarity, Project Server, Planview, Primavera, Daptiv, Agile Central, Workfront, and many others. Rick has three previous books: The Everything Project Management Book, 2nd Edition, Project Management That Works!, and Stop Playing Games!  His latest book No Day But Today! is an Amazon #1 best seller. Rick has collaborated with some of the best in the business contributing chapters and insight to several publications including the Amazon #1 best seller Agile Almanac – Book 2. Rick also appears weekly on his live radio show “The Work/Life Balance” on the Voice America Business Network Fridays at 5 PM EST/ 2 PM PST and is a featured contributor to the “Transformational Leader Podcast” for the John Maxwell Team.  Rick was recently named one of the most influential project managers on social media and a Top 10 CEO of 2018. Rick was also a subject of an unsolicited Forbes article titled, “How An Author Amassed over 200 Quality Recommendations on Linked In.” An active member of the Project Management Institute, graduate of the PMI Leadership Institute Masters Class (LIMC), and Mentor to the 2012 PMI LIMC, Rick is no stranger to being center stage in front of large groups of people. At the early age of 11, Rick was a Walt Disney World Performer in their seasonal shows. In high school, he worked at MGM Studios on various projects including the New Mickey Mouse Club. Rick is also an Executive Producer of the Official Mickey Mouse Club Reunion.  Taking the experience of his youth and blending it with the knowledge he attained throughout his career, Rick has been able to inspire and influence throughout the world. His blend of real world experience and down to earth delivery style makes his passion for the profession contagious.

Afternoon Keynote

Chasen Hampton
What is luck? Do you believe it’s only for a chosen few? Why is it that some are just luckier than others, the money, the perfect job, romance, fame, etc. We break down our understanding of luck and recognize that our odds can be raised exponentially by simply understanding a few guides/reminders that can be applied to all situations. Chasen candidly takes us through these steps using his personal stories as examples, including the lessons we can learn when the unavoidable “Bad Luck” strikes. The goal is to raise your awareness so the next time opportunity knocks you can open the door and invite it in.





Chasen got his start at age 11 on the Disney Channel as a Series Regular and eventual Co-Host of The 90's Mickey Mouse Club. By age 14, he had signed to Hollywood Records releasing 5 albums with the 90's pop group "The Party". The group toured the world with Taylor Dayne, Color Me Badd, Vanilla Ice and Hi-Five and was produced by all-stars such as Teddy Riley, Dr Dre and Pharrell.  He can be seen as a guest star on shows such as X-Files, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, 7th Heaven, USA High & The Rules of Attraction. His voice can be heard on some of the worlds biggest brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Expedia, 7/11 and Kia as well as singing backgrounds for some of Hollywood's elite. He is the founder of ChasenLife, LLC and was recently a featured entrepreneur in Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global Magazine. As a singer/songwriter his many releases over the years can be heard on all platforms with a new single "I'd Die Without You" released just last year.  Chasen attended Berklee School Of Music for Artist Management and enjoys traveling the country consulting for new artists and mentoring young performers in the entertainment industry. His students have gone on to play The Tonight Show, Coachella, tour with Stone Temple Pilots, and recently go platinum. Music education, giving back, and healing through music is a calling and will always be part of his story.

Morning Technical Session

Marco Luzzatti
Someone walks into your office with a problem, how do you respond? You are trying to solve a recurring quality issue with a team, how do you approach it? Ask anyone the method or format used to do problem solving/root cause analysis/improvement and you might get a variety of answers even within the same company or by the same person: 8D, A3, Kepner-Tregoe, Corrective Action Requests (CAR), FMEA, 5Whys and others. At their core, problem solving and root cause analysis best practices are all the same. Understand key problem solving terminology and pitfalls. Most importantly, discover the only two easily remembered and familiar approaches you need to simplify and standardize your problem solving, regardless of the method or format you use. Get a summary of the methods and steps. See examples of how you can use these two methods every day, individually or with teams to solve simple or complex problems and avoid missed steps and problem solving pitfalls. Understand how you can even apply these two methods for process improvement activities like Lean and others.





Donna Fitzgerald
How can an organization be successful in the Digital Future? To date all the focus has been on technology but technology is the result of human creativity and innovation not vice versa. To thrive in the Digital Age we need to focus on people first. We can do this in a four step process by focusing on Portfolio Resource planning, People allocation management, Work Management, and People Capability Planning. The end result will ensure your organization has a workforce that is continuously creative and engaged.





Marco Luzzatti is a business and organization trainer, facilitator and program coordinator with Economic Development and Corporate Training of Greenville Technical College.  He has over 25 years’ experience providing services and training in various quality, Lean Six Sigma, Problem Solving & Process Improvement, leadership and other programs. Marco was also co-founder of an international process improvement conference now in its 19th year where Marco keeps up with some of the leading companies and experts in quality, problem solving and process improvement.  Marco is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Train-the-Trainer who has used and trained a multitude of problem solving approaches over the years from simple to complex, working with thousands of individuals and organizations from over 30 countries.  













Donna Fitzgerald is a passionate change agent in the PPM community. In the 90s she started the first worldwide online discussion group focused on PPM. In the 2000s she was a leader in the agile PPM movement, co-authoring the Agile Declaration of Interdependence as a follow-on to the Manifesto. In 2007 she joined Gartner and focused on helping PMOs around the world be more successful. In 2017 she started NimblePM, Inc to help companies prepare for and thrive in the digital future.

Jennie Fowler
Jennie has evolved her EPMO to a Strategy Realization Office "SRO". This 6-year journey includes gaining executive buy-in and migrating from Waterfall to Agile. Jennie will share her thoughts on: 1) how to simplify detail for the CxO level, 2) can a project be managed from one page and 3) next steps in the SRO journey.





Starting in 2021, Jennie is beginning a new journey as the Global Director of Project Management with Percepta.  She brings over 23 years of experience in the IT & Enterprise PM sectors (verticals include:  Financial sector, Telecomm, Consulting Firm(s), Manufacturing & Medical).  Jennie is starting with PMO #8 in the journey to start and/or mature PMO / EPMO’s in roles such as Head of IT PMO, Head of EPMO, and yes, even CIO.  Along with a degrees in Organizational Development & Computer Science, Jennie has several certifications and/or formal training which include:  PMP, ACP, CSM, CSPO, MPM, Project+ and Certified DiSC Coach.  Jennie was a Guest speaker in 2019 at the national Gartner PPM Summit and she has partnered as a speaker with organizations such as this local PMI chapter, Women in Technology group(s), Podcasts & the Executive CIO Forum & IT Summit.  Her Myers Briggs personality is ENFJ “the mentor”.  

Afternoon Technical Session

Carl Pritchard
The person in the next cube knows something you don’t. Really. In this session, you get a chance to find out what it is. This hour focuses on the keys in capturing and sharing lessons learned through real-world rehearsal. Participants will share their best insights on surviving and thriving in the project environment and will examine ways to get their messages out across their organizational communities.





Carl Pritchard is principal and founder of Pritchard Management Associates. He is the 2019 PMI Global “Best of the Best” Project Management award winner (Eric Jenett award), and is a recognized lecturer, author, researcher, and instructor. As a trainer, he is the “fun guy” of project management, engaging audiences on topics from any of his seven textbooks, ranging from project essentials to the complexities of communication and team motivation. Carl served as lead chapter author for the Guide to the PMBOK, Risk Chapter (4th Edition). His work as an instructor takes him worldwide, training for learning organizations, private clients and the Project Management Institute. He served for 20 years as the US Correspondent for the UK PM magazine.

Kat Snizaski
Managing in today’s complex environment is more challenging than ever. With multi-functional teams, virtual work environments, and dotted-line reporting relationships, the once “neat-in-tidy” flowcharts we learned about leading and vertical reporting structures are being replaced with what looks more like a spider’s web – a matrix. And, all of this makes the “simple” job of getting things done, not so simple. Learn what skills are required of traditional and matrix management, understand the matrix management decision-making criteria, build a “spectrum” of skills and behaviors that drive successful influence and collaboration, define the role set or network needed to be a successful matrix manager, overcome the daily dilemmas and challenges of matrix management.





Kat Snizaski is a professional trainer, facilitator and presenter. After over 20 years of training experience, she opened interactive business Training. Kat also spent eight years dedicated to providing employees, professors, and seniors at Clemson University with state-of-the-art professional development training and the knowledge and tools to take with them for greater success. Kat is doing the things she loves to do and having a great time always reaching out to help a much larger demographic.  Kat wants to help you to become better thinkers, show better performance and get better results.